Stephen McNulty (PhD candidate) is a perpetual Rutgers student, attaining his B.A. in History and Political Science from Rutgers-New Brunswick and a Master’s in History from Rutgers-Newark. His academic interests concern attempting to wrangle the seemingly disparate fields of ethics, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, and animal studies together, and to demonstrate their numerous entanglements in a way that proves to be a fruitful addition to an expansive ideal of American Studies scholarship. Specifically his work addresses whether one can theorize an alternative speculative ethics beyond the human by interrogating: the trauma of the non-human other, the mediated cultural productions that continually re/produce the non-human as other, and the conceptual frame of ecology which has primarily operated as a means of hierarchical ontological organization. Together, trauma/melancholia, media, and ecology form the crux of his current work, their interrelations providing the basis for a post-human (or post-ecological) ethics. Outside of the rigors of academia, he enjoys all manner of outdoor activities, is an ardent vegan and occasionally gestures towards the creative exploits of music and fiction.

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