The Blee Bloo Blog is now in its fifth year of operation, having started as a home for the satirical “Srsly” podcast I started in my junior year of college at Rutgers. After years of on and off posting and podcasting, covering topics as widely disparate as the Arab Spring and Stephen Hawking’s hypothetical erotic conversations.

Now, however, I see the BBB as a different vehicle. As a graduate student in the American Studies Doctoral Program at Rutgers University, I want to harness this blog as a platform for the myriad ideas that I see myself pursuing over the next several years. To these ends, Blee Bloo will now have a three-pronged approach to the kind of cultural critique that has been at the core of the blog since its inception:

  1. The main page of the BBB will now be solely dedicated to my own academic pursuits, showcasing not only possible conference and journal papers, but also my reflections on media/culture/politics read through a scholarly lens.
  2. I will be creating a new offshoot called Srsly, which will operate more in line with the intentions of the original Blee Bloo and will feature new biweekly podcasts that reflect on recent events.
  3. The final piece of the 3-part reimagining of Blee Bloo is a page solely dedicated to my own poetic/literary work.

I hope these changes will not only help to reinvigorate Blee Bloo, but to actively encourage me to dedicate a significant amount of time to thinking about the kind of complex ideas that rarely get discussed in any traditional media.



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